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Neilsen, Barnes top half marathon field at 2019 Chilly Willy Run

Glengarry’s own Eric Neilsen ran the best half marathon time at the 2019 edition of the Chilly Willy in Williamstown today, completing the 21 km course in 1 hours, 21 minutes, and 57.1 seconds. The top female finisher was Guylaine Barnes, sixth overall, at 1:50:12.6.

Eric Neilsen, left, and Guylaine Barnes were the male and female winners of the half marathon course at the 2019 Chilly Willy Run. (Sheila Lafave photos)
Kathy Thompson and Todd Giroux

Placing second through fifth were Christian Belair (1:22:39.9), Paul Lalonde (1:36:44.8), Phil Barnes (1:39:30.2), and Chris Diraddo (1:47:13.1).

Seventh through tenth finishers were Biana Charlebois (1:58:36.2), Lindsay Laframboise (1:58:36.3), Kim Potvin (2:05:46.4), and Chantal Lalonde-Beaudette (2:12:19.5).

To view the complete results from the half marathon, follow this link.

In the 10 km race, Todd Giroux had the best time, finishing the course in 48 minutes, 52.8 seconds. Kathy Thompson recorded the top time amongst women (fourth overall), crossing the finish line in 57 minutes, 45.4 seconds.

Placing second overall was Peter Moody (53:56.2), with Reg Desjardins third (57:22.1). Rounding out the top 10 finishers were Denise Roy (58:19.3), Cheryl Lariviere (1:01:36.6), Donna Magher (1:06:18.2), Chrissy Stevens (1:06:16.3), Johan Stevens (1:06:19.2), and Sonia Poirier (1:08:03.9).

Kira Bombardier and Tristan Bombardier

The dynamic brother-sister duo of Tristan Bombardier and Kira Bombardier won as top male and female runners on the 5 km course.

Tristan finished with a time of 19 minutes, 37.7 seconds, while Kira crossed the finish line fifth overall, at 22 minutes, 4.1 seconds.

Lachlan McDonald (21:00.6), Zachary Franks (21:39.1), and Marty Dettman (21:42.5) took second, third, and fourth overall, respectively.

Completing the top 10 were Ella Campbell (23:02.8), Glen Campbell (23:05.8), Kathy Stajkiwski (23:17.9 ), Scott Giroux (24:26.7), and Matthew Heagle (24:44.0).

This was the fifth annual running of the Chilly Willy, which is organized by race director Sheil Lafave and her team. It also serves as a fundraiser for the Sir John Johnson Manor House.

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Chilly Willy Run set for Saturday in Williamstown

The 5th annual Chilly Willy Run will be held Saturday, November 2, in Williamstown, starting and finishing on the grounds of the Sir John Johnson Manor House. In advance of the event, which features half-marathon, 10 km, and 5 km courses, 69 runners had pre-registered. If you didn’t sign up online, you still can participate, as race day registration will open at 8 a.m., with the races themselves scheduled to begin at 9 a.m.

Official timing will be tracked by The Running Goat. Hot chilli, buns, coffee, and hot chocolate will be served at the finish line.

The event is a fundraiser for the Manor House. Race director is Sheila Lafave.

The weather forecast indicates a temperate of +1 Celsius for the start of the rain, with mostly sunny conditions and negligible to light winds.

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Gaels cross-country running coach pleased with team results at EOSSAA

While no individual Glengarry District High School athletes ran to results at the October 24 EOSSAA cross-country meet in Petawawa that earned them qualification to OFSAA, collectively, the Gaels achieved results that impressed their head coach, Glen Campbell.

He characterized the results as “a really good day” and the “top overall GD team finish at EOSSAA that I can remember.”

In the team standings, the Gaels placed 5th in novice girls, 6th in junior boys, and 5th in senior girls.

Brianna Bellefeuille was Glengarry’s top novice girl, placing 17th in a field of 86 runners on the 4 km course. She finished with a time of 18 minutes, 53 seconds. Zoe McIntosh, the SD&G champion, placed 26th at EOSSAA (19:37).

cross-country runners
Members of the GDHS Gaels novice girls cross-country running team. (submitted photo)

In junior boys, Matt Heinzle was 25th on the 5 km course (21:12), and Carl Marfurt-Breakenridge finished 32nd (21:27).

Ella Campbell led the Gaels in the senior girls division, which featured 80 athletes. She completed the 6 km distance with a time of 28 minutes, 53 seconds.

Complete results from EOSSAA cross-country running can be accessed here.

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EOSSAA cross-country running set for Thursday in Petawawa

Student-athletes from our local high schools will be hitting the road early Thursday morning heading to Petawawa for the 2019 EOSSAA cross-country running championships.

The SD&G champion GDHS Gaels are expected to send a team of 29 runners, head coach Glen Campbell tells me.

Holy Trinity, the SD&G runners-up, will likely have a strong contingent there as well.

Stay tuned here as I will post results as they become available.

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GDHS wins SD&G cross-country running championship

Glengarry District High School is the 2019 SD&G cross-country running overall school champion. The Gaels also won team titles in the senior girls and novice girls divisions. They also claimed the boys title overall.

Zoe McIntosh

Their overall overall points victory saw Glengarry garner 46 points, five better than second-place Holy Trinity.

The SD&G championships were held October 16 in Winchester, under ideal running conditions.

The Gaels success was highlighted by the performance of Zoe McIntosh who won the novice girls division, with a run of 17 minutes, 18.46 seconds over the 4 km course. She took first place by a 22-second margin over teammate Brianna Bellefeuille.

In other notable Gaels results, Matt Heinzle placed fifth in the junior boys 5 km run (19:37.43), Ella Campbell was second in the senior girls 6 km (28:43.76), and Kady Jeaurond was third in senior girls (29:33.74).

cross-country team
2019 GDHS Gaels cross-country team claims SD&G championship. (submitted photo)

Complete results from the 2019 SD& cross-country running championships can be accessed here.

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Holy Trinity places second in SD&G cross-country

Holy Trinity Catholic Secondary School took second place at the SD&G cross-country running championships, held last week in Winchester.

Amongst the highlights for the Falcons, Mei Le Cumming won the senior girls division, with a time of 28 minutes, 24.09 seconds over the 6 km course.

Other top Falcons included Courtney St. Onge (3rd in novice girls), Amber Mallette (4th in novice girls), Brandon Poirier (3rd in novice boys), Ben Stadelmann (4th in novice boys), Marissa Marion (2nd in junior girls), Elena Anayiotos (5th in junior girls), and Morgan Zappia (5th in senior girls).

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Alexandria rallies to support 4th annual CommUNITY Run

Light, persistent rain failed to dampen the mood at the 4th Annual CommUNITY Run in Alexandria, on September 28, when 337 individuals took to the streets running one of three courses, in an event organized by Community Living Glengarry.

Race director Sophie Ranger expressed these sentiments following the race:

Thank you to all the runners who came out in the rain today to support the CommUNITY RUN! Congratulations to the winners of the race.

Une belle 4e édition de la course commUNITÉ malgré la pluie! Félicitations aux gagnants de la course. Plus de photos à suivre dans les jours à venir!

Amongst those participating in the event this year, were students from Alexandria’s École élémentaire catholique de l’Ange-Gardien.

Jacob Cameron, of Green Valley, won the 10 km distance, with a time of 33 minutes, 53.8 seconds, while the top 10 k female was Cornwall’s Julie Brunet (47:20.9), who placed seventh overall. Other top-10 results were achieved by Marc Henri (2nd, 41:37.8), Paul Lalonde (3rd, 43:14.8), Glenn O’Connor (4th, 46:34.3), Pierce Liu (5th, 43:16.1*), Ryan O’Connor (5th, 46:34.4*), Chris Diraddo (6th, 47:08.2), Camden Van Loon (8th, 49:46.0), Gabrielle Rouleau (9th, 51:58.5), Jonathan B. Roy (10th, 51:58.6).

Note: * per sportstats.ca

The 5 km adult race winners were Corinne Bonin (16:54.4) and Eric Nielsen (18:13.2). Fastest juniors were Kira Bombardier (22:00.4) and Alexandre McDonald (20:35.7).

First in the 1 km event were Teah Lacroix (4:21.3) and Sami Ghozlani (3:44.6).

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Iona Academy hosts annual elementary schools cross-country running meet

Hundreds of elementary-aged children were in St. Raphael’s recently, as Iona Academy hosted its annual cross-country running meet.

Iona Academy cross-country meet
Iona Academy cross-country meet (submitted photo)

Team results

  • Grade 8 boys: 1 L’Ecale, 2 ESCC, 3 St. Andrew’s.
  • Grade 8 girls: 1 Le Relais, 2 ESCC, 3 L’Escale.
  • Grade 7 boys: 1 Le Relais, 2 St. Joseph’s, 3 L’Escale.
  • Grade 7 girls: 1 La Citadelle, 2 Le Relais, 3 L’Escale.
  • Grade 6 boys: 1 Elda Rouleau, 2 St. Jude, 3 St. Pat’s.
  • Grade 6 girls: 1 L’Ange-Gardien, 2 Elda Rouleau, 3 MTCS.
  • Grade 5 boys: 1 MTCS, 2 St. Pat’s, 3 Elda Rouleau.
  • Grade 5 girls: 1 Iona Academy, 2 St. Anne, 3 Elda Rouleau.
  • Grade 4 boys: 1 Elda Rouleau, 2 Marie Tanguay, 3 St. Pat’s.
  • Grade 4 girls: 1. St. Pat’s, 2 MTCS, 3 Elda Rouleau.
  • Grade 3 boys: 1 St. Anne, 2 St. Pat’s 3, Elda Rouleau.
  • Grade 3 girls: 1 St. Pat’s, 2 L’Ange-Gardien, 3 St. Anne.
  • Grade 1&2 boys: 1 St. Anne, 2 Iona Academy, 3 Elda Rouleau.
  • Grade 1&2 girls: 1 Elda Rouleau, 2 St. Anne, 3 L’Ange-Gardien.

Top 5 individual results

  • Grade 8 girls: 1 Sydney Day SJ, 2 Kamylle Poirier LR, 3 Emily Longtin CC, 4 Maude Millette LC, 5 Kyla Riopelle SA.
  • Grade 8 boys: 1 Tristan Bombardier LC, 2 Wyatt Warner SA, 3 Alexis Methot CC, 4 Tristam Lalonde LE, 5 Ethan Beaudette SA.
  • Grade 7 girls: 1 Lea-Maude Lajoie LR, 2 Jordyn Parsons LE, 3 Melina Larocque LE, Grace Powis LC, Maude Lafleche CC.
  • Grade 7 boys: 1 Macauley Blaine LR, 2 Chancey Novosad LR, 3 Stanton Antoine HT, 4 Owen McMillan IA, 5 Liam Vaillancourt LR.
  • Grade 6 girls: 1 Kira Bombardier AG, 2 Annabella Curtis AG, 3 Kirsten Kaddie SH, 4 Sadie Cameron ER, 5 Maude McCarthy ER.
  • Grade 6 boys: 1 Noah Carter ER, 2 Donald McDougald ER, 3 Kai Hrziwnatzki MT, 4 Leonardo SP, 5 Kole Gray SM.
  • Grade 5 girls: 1 Sabrina Bakana MT, 2 Hailey McDonald IA, 3 Hephzibah Johnson MT, 4 Teah Lacroix ER, 5 Lochlyn McMillan IA.
  • Grade 5 boys: 1 Aidan Boer SA, 2 Maxim Cousineau AG, 3 Ethan Melrose MT, 4 Griffin Fitzpatrick ER, 5 Jackson Proulx SA.
  • Grade 4 girls: 1 Lilly Lavigueur ER, 2 Summer Gerin Lajoie MT, 3 Fiona Moore MT, 4 Kori L SP, 5 Amelia H SP.
  • Grade 4 boys: 1 Isaac Charbonneau SN, 2 Rowan Blaine ER, 3 Harrison Cooper LS, 4 Joshua Bourgon ER, 5 Oskar Poirier MY.
  • Grade 3 girls: 1 Sophie Mayer AG, 2 Ziva M SP, 3 Isla Langevin SN, 4 Wielen Callah Vander LS, 5 Lorel V SP.
  • Grade 3 boys: 1 Atley Lajoie ER, 2 Cameren Poirier SN, 3 Quinton Lessard SN, 4 PT Dorie IA, 5 Matthew S SP.
  • Grade 1&2 girls: 1 Sophia Piette IA, 2 Myla Robertson SN, 3 Willow Fitzpatrick ER, 4 Dakota ER, 5 Britton MacDonald IA.
  • Grade 1&2 boys: 1 Innes Chatteron SN, 2 Xavier Chisholm IA, 3 Asher Riviere SN, 4 Parker Lavigueur ER, 5 Joshua Cordell, SN.

Note: AG = L’Ange-Gardien, CC = ESCC, ER = Elda Rouleau, HT = Holy Trinity, IA = Iona Academy, LC = La Citadelle, LE = L’Escale, LR = Le Relais, LS = La Source, MT = MTCS, MY = Marie Tanguay, SA = St. Andrew’s, SH = Sacred Heart, SJ = St. Joseph’s, SM = St. Mary, SN = At. Anne, SP = St. Pat’s.

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GDHS runners participate in Turkey Trot cross-country run

As part of their training for the SD&G cross-country running championships, student-athletes from Glengarry District High School participated in the 2019 edition of the Turkey Trot, held October 10 in Kemptville.

Gaels head coach Glen Campbell tells me that he had 30 runners at the event. Here are a few of them, joined by assistant coach (and former Gael) Jacob Cameron.

cross-country runners
GDHS boys cross-country runners at the 2019 Turkey Trot. (Glen Campbell photo)
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