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Alexandria rallies to support 4th annual CommUNITY Run

Light, persistent rain failed to dampen the mood at the 4th Annual CommUNITY Run in Alexandria, on September 28, when 337 individuals took to the streets running one of three courses, in an event organized by Community Living Glengarry.

Race director Sophie Ranger expressed these sentiments following the race:

Thank you to all the runners who came out in the rain today to support the CommUNITY RUN! Congratulations to the winners of the race.

Une belle 4e édition de la course commUNITÉ malgré la pluie! Félicitations aux gagnants de la course. Plus de photos à suivre dans les jours à venir!

Amongst those participating in the event this year, were students from Alexandria’s École élémentaire catholique de l’Ange-Gardien.

Jacob Cameron, of Green Valley, won the 10 km distance, with a time of 33 minutes, 53.8 seconds, while the top 10 k female was Cornwall’s Julie Brunet (47:20.9), who placed seventh overall. Other top-10 results were achieved by Marc Henri (2nd, 41:37.8), Paul Lalonde (3rd, 43:14.8), Glenn O’Connor (4th, 46:34.3), Pierce Liu (5th, 43:16.1*), Ryan O’Connor (5th, 46:34.4*), Chris Diraddo (6th, 47:08.2), Camden Van Loon (8th, 49:46.0), Gabrielle Rouleau (9th, 51:58.5), Jonathan B. Roy (10th, 51:58.6).

Note: * per sportstats.ca

The 5 km adult race winners were Corinne Bonin (16:54.4) and Eric Nielsen (18:13.2). Fastest juniors were Kira Bombardier (22:00.4) and Alexandre McDonald (20:35.7).

First in the 1 km event were Teah Lacroix (4:21.3) and Sami Ghozlani (3:44.6).

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