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Consider air quality during summertime activities

I recently came across a Facebook post on the Running Room’s page focused on air quality and the risks associated with running. It’s probably something active, healthy people, in particular, don’t consider.

cartoon - air quality and running

Air Health Check extends this consideration to all outdoor activities. Their website explores the causes of reduced air quality, symptoms, the associated risks, and how we can protect our health. There’s also a mobile app available so you can check your local air quality reports on the go.

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Alexandria hospital pool provides vital services

A recent edition of The Glengarry News featured a story about the demise (albeit temporary, we hope) of the therapeutic aqua-fitness program at the Glengarry Memorial Hospital swimming pool.

headine from The Glengarry News

I am one of the first to admit that I wasn’t even aware we had a public swimming pool in the county until I began my job as sports editor of The News some 15 years ago. I connected with the administrator at the time, Sue Derby, to learn about the programs offered in the facility and to promote them to the community, via stories in The News. The hospital, too, advertised its therapeutic pool offerings, yet still many county residents I spoke with seemed unaware of the pool, insisting the only pools available were in Hawkesbury and Cornwall.

To a point, that was and is true. The larger centres offer full-size pools, along with complete swimming instruction programs. The pool at Alexandria’s hospital was never intended to compete with them. Instead, with its smaller size and warmer water, the pool is designed primarily to assist people in their recovery injuries and surgery.

A range of in-pool fitness programs, along with basic swimming instruction, are also offered, though the former is on hiatus, at least for now. Regular users of aqua fitness are frustrated to see their sessions suspended, as the hospital says it continues to search for a qualified instructor.

Here’s hoping that search will bear fruit soon, and the pool can get back to business as usual.

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