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ParticipACTION highlights importance of sports in childhood fitness, health

Remember ParticipACTION from when you were a child? The health-and-fitness-promoting organization, a Canadian non-profit, is still going strong, advocating for us to all be active for the betterment of our health and well-being.

When it comes to children’s activity levels, ParticipACTION notes, “Research shows that children who don’t participate in organized sports exhibited higher emotional distress, shyness, and social withdrawal later than their counterparts.” The full 2020 report card can be accessed here.

ParticipACTION graphic

Sadly, the news is not good, as the report card “gives children and youth a D+ for overall physical activity and a D+ for sedentary behaviours.” The report adds, “Less than 1 in 5 children (5-11 year-olds) and youth (12-17 year-olds) in Canada are meeting national movement behaviour guidelines for physical activity, sedentary behaviours and sleep.”

The report goes on to highlight the importance of family working together to promote activity and health. Among the ideas for parents are…

  • Be an active role model
  • Prioritize active transportation (e.g., walking, cycling, wheeling)
  • Create a family media plan that includes screen-free times
  • Encourage more outdoor time

ParticipACTION has oodles of information and resources on its website. There is currently a program running called the Great Big Move, with prizes up for grabs to help encourage families and groups to be active.

The organization also offers a handy mobile app.

With the challenges of this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Eastern Ontario Health Unit recognizes that some families and individuals may not be comfortable engaging in organized sports.

“Is your family opting out of organized sports and activities this year? That’s okay. Take ParticipACTION’s Active Family Pledge and discover new and exciting ways for the whole family to be active together.”

EOHU posting on Facebook

Another great resource is the ParticipACTION Facebook page.

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Toronto Blue Jays share kid-friendly colouring pages

The Toronto Blue Jays, Canada’s Major League Baseball team, is engaging with parents of the club’s youngest fans, offering a series of kid-friendly, baseball-themed colouring pages.

You can download the three recent pages here:

The club invites parents to share photos of their child’s completed creations in a reply to this Facebook post.

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Iona Academy hosts annual elementary schools cross-country running meet

Hundreds of elementary-aged children were in St. Raphael’s recently, as Iona Academy hosted its annual cross-country running meet.

Iona Academy cross-country meet
Iona Academy cross-country meet (submitted photo)

Team results

  • Grade 8 boys: 1 L’Ecale, 2 ESCC, 3 St. Andrew’s.
  • Grade 8 girls: 1 Le Relais, 2 ESCC, 3 L’Escale.
  • Grade 7 boys: 1 Le Relais, 2 St. Joseph’s, 3 L’Escale.
  • Grade 7 girls: 1 La Citadelle, 2 Le Relais, 3 L’Escale.
  • Grade 6 boys: 1 Elda Rouleau, 2 St. Jude, 3 St. Pat’s.
  • Grade 6 girls: 1 L’Ange-Gardien, 2 Elda Rouleau, 3 MTCS.
  • Grade 5 boys: 1 MTCS, 2 St. Pat’s, 3 Elda Rouleau.
  • Grade 5 girls: 1 Iona Academy, 2 St. Anne, 3 Elda Rouleau.
  • Grade 4 boys: 1 Elda Rouleau, 2 Marie Tanguay, 3 St. Pat’s.
  • Grade 4 girls: 1. St. Pat’s, 2 MTCS, 3 Elda Rouleau.
  • Grade 3 boys: 1 St. Anne, 2 St. Pat’s 3, Elda Rouleau.
  • Grade 3 girls: 1 St. Pat’s, 2 L’Ange-Gardien, 3 St. Anne.
  • Grade 1&2 boys: 1 St. Anne, 2 Iona Academy, 3 Elda Rouleau.
  • Grade 1&2 girls: 1 Elda Rouleau, 2 St. Anne, 3 L’Ange-Gardien.

Top 5 individual results

  • Grade 8 girls: 1 Sydney Day SJ, 2 Kamylle Poirier LR, 3 Emily Longtin CC, 4 Maude Millette LC, 5 Kyla Riopelle SA.
  • Grade 8 boys: 1 Tristan Bombardier LC, 2 Wyatt Warner SA, 3 Alexis Methot CC, 4 Tristam Lalonde LE, 5 Ethan Beaudette SA.
  • Grade 7 girls: 1 Lea-Maude Lajoie LR, 2 Jordyn Parsons LE, 3 Melina Larocque LE, Grace Powis LC, Maude Lafleche CC.
  • Grade 7 boys: 1 Macauley Blaine LR, 2 Chancey Novosad LR, 3 Stanton Antoine HT, 4 Owen McMillan IA, 5 Liam Vaillancourt LR.
  • Grade 6 girls: 1 Kira Bombardier AG, 2 Annabella Curtis AG, 3 Kirsten Kaddie SH, 4 Sadie Cameron ER, 5 Maude McCarthy ER.
  • Grade 6 boys: 1 Noah Carter ER, 2 Donald McDougald ER, 3 Kai Hrziwnatzki MT, 4 Leonardo SP, 5 Kole Gray SM.
  • Grade 5 girls: 1 Sabrina Bakana MT, 2 Hailey McDonald IA, 3 Hephzibah Johnson MT, 4 Teah Lacroix ER, 5 Lochlyn McMillan IA.
  • Grade 5 boys: 1 Aidan Boer SA, 2 Maxim Cousineau AG, 3 Ethan Melrose MT, 4 Griffin Fitzpatrick ER, 5 Jackson Proulx SA.
  • Grade 4 girls: 1 Lilly Lavigueur ER, 2 Summer Gerin Lajoie MT, 3 Fiona Moore MT, 4 Kori L SP, 5 Amelia H SP.
  • Grade 4 boys: 1 Isaac Charbonneau SN, 2 Rowan Blaine ER, 3 Harrison Cooper LS, 4 Joshua Bourgon ER, 5 Oskar Poirier MY.
  • Grade 3 girls: 1 Sophie Mayer AG, 2 Ziva M SP, 3 Isla Langevin SN, 4 Wielen Callah Vander LS, 5 Lorel V SP.
  • Grade 3 boys: 1 Atley Lajoie ER, 2 Cameren Poirier SN, 3 Quinton Lessard SN, 4 PT Dorie IA, 5 Matthew S SP.
  • Grade 1&2 girls: 1 Sophia Piette IA, 2 Myla Robertson SN, 3 Willow Fitzpatrick ER, 4 Dakota ER, 5 Britton MacDonald IA.
  • Grade 1&2 boys: 1 Innes Chatteron SN, 2 Xavier Chisholm IA, 3 Asher Riviere SN, 4 Parker Lavigueur ER, 5 Joshua Cordell, SN.

Note: AG = L’Ange-Gardien, CC = ESCC, ER = Elda Rouleau, HT = Holy Trinity, IA = Iona Academy, LC = La Citadelle, LE = L’Escale, LR = Le Relais, LS = La Source, MT = MTCS, MY = Marie Tanguay, SA = St. Andrew’s, SH = Sacred Heart, SJ = St. Joseph’s, SM = St. Mary, SN = At. Anne, SP = St. Pat’s.

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