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It’s official: no local soccer until at least July

The official word came down today from the province’s governing body of the beautiful game, as Ontario Soccer announced the continued suspension of all “in-person soccer events and activities” through to the end of June.

Locally, this affects the Glengarry Soccer League, Char-Lan Minor Soccer, as well as programs in Cornwall.

For its part, the GSL says it “will update our community on the status of our outdoor season after the GSL committee members meet to discuss.”

Typically, play would kick off in late May, with some divisions concluding by early August and others as late as mid-September. While a July-August season is not beyond the realm of possibilities (assuming that it would be permitted by Ontario Soccer), it would bring challenges, such as the impact of a compressed schedule, especially on divisions that include university-aged players who normally leave the region by late August.

Ontario Soccer

From the OSA announcement:

” Ontario Soccer, in consultation with Canada Soccer and governmental advisors, continues to monitor the most recent developments surrounding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and are assessing operations and deciding cancellations and postponements on a month-to-month basis as the pandemic continues to unfold.

As a follow-up to the Ontario Soccer and Canada Soccer announcements of March 12 and March 13, as well as the Ontario Soccer announcements of March 24 and April 7, Ontario Soccer is announcing today that all sanctioned in-person soccer events and activities for the month of June have been cancelled or postponed.

This decision will affect the start of the early portion of the 2020 Outdoor Season for Local, Regional, District, Provincial, OASL, OPDL, and all other leagues across Ontario.”

Ontario Soccer statement, May 11

The statement adds, “For those who may be concerned about registering for the abridged outdoor season, Ontario Soccer is encouraging participants to do so now, so that Districts, Leagues, Clubs, and Academies can be fully prepared to kick off the Return to Play season when announced.”

To date, this is what our region’s clubs have been doing.

As well, the OSA encourages interested individuals to pursue online training for coaching or officiating matches, as these services continue. Ontario Soccer has also launched online information regarding the Game Leader program to promote the grassroots of the game. A good way to stay up-to-date is via the OSA’s Facebook page.

Canada Soccer has initiated a program called Canada Soccer Nation Inside. The website includes information and resources, fun activities for the kids, downloadable images, and links to various coaching and training sessions, as well as online webinars.

One item that caught my attention is the Referee’s Home Workout guide. (direct link to PDF download)


In Williamstown, the township’s Char-Lan Minor Soccer program usually concludes in late July, prior to the long weekend and the Glengarry Highland Games in Maxville (which have been cancelled this year).

The association’s referee-in-chief, Nigel Carlisle in commenting on the status of this season commented in the CLMSA group, “At the moment, soccer has not been cancelled. Soccer will be postponed until we get the all clear from the government.”

Meanwhile, the Chadsey family, which has been very active in Glengarry soccer for many years, recently celebrated Bob’s birthday. One of his daughters, Navy, painted a watercolour for him, highlighting the family’s passion for the beautiful game, which includes a home-made soccer net on their property.

As Navy describes the painting, “The idea behind is it’s me and my siblings on my parents’ front lawn in our Laggan soccer jerseys. We all played for Laggan when we were young, and my dad coached all of our teams. It’s a watercolour painting with some black ink. It’s not from a photo that exists, just came from a sentimental idea!”

soccer artwork
Artwork painted by Navy Chadsey and the inspiration for the watercolour
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