Sportsguysean’s Hat Trick now on Substack

I thank all of you for your continued readership and support as I navigate to working independently to showcase athletes, teams, and recreational opportunities in Glengarry County, the city of Cornwall, and beyond.

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Due to the costs of maintaining a website and generating content for it through my research, writing, and photography, I am exploring ways to make this endeavour sustainable.

I would prefer not to have to seek advertising, especially in the current economic environment, as I know local businesses are under immense pressure. In addition, I would like to ensure you receive the most helpful content, easily and in a pleasant format.

As such, I am currently posting my stories onto the independent publishing platform Substack. At present, the content I am posting is available for free, but in the future, key stories will be available only for paid subscribers. I hope that you will continue to support my work and understand that a small subscription fee is reasonable to keep this project going. Thank you. You can also opt to submit your e-mail address to receive stories directly in your inbox.

You can find my Substack site here.

Here’s hoping that the sports and recreation scene gradually returns to “normal” in the new year. Wishing you all good health. Stay safe.

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