Cornwall Speedway delays season-opening, 2020 schedule announcement

The Cornwall Motor Speedway has announced a delay of its planned 2020 season-opening, which had been booked for May 17.

“With the current COVID-19 Pandemic that is affecting everyone and with the current recommendations of the Public Health Safety Agency of Canada, the Lavergne family [owners of the Speedway] decided to postpone the start of the 2020 season, that was scheduled to begin on May 17, until further notice.”

Cornwall Motor Speedway announcement

Along with that announcement, Speedway staff have decided to hold off on releasing a schedule of events for this summer, as things remain in flux: “Several scenarios are currently being discussed about our scheduling format for the upcoming summer. “We are monitoring the situation closely and will adapt our decisions to accommodate our race team, fans, and sponsors, while respecting all recommendations from the Government. Our first priority is to have a safe and virus-free environment for our drivers and fans to enjoy while being compliant with regulations in place.”

For more background, please see my earlier post here.

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