Tagwi pulls plug on 2019 football team

Four weeks into the high school football season, with the Warriors having not played any games to date, Tagwi Secondary School has announced that the squad is shutting down, citing an insufficient number of participating student-athletes in order to “safely compete.”

The Warriors had been scheduled to kick off their 2019 season on September 20 at St. Joseph’s in Cornwall, but that game was called off at the last minute as Tagwi worked to bolster its roster. Game two, set for September 26, was postponed due to weather, and the team’s third match was bounced due to the UCDSB cancellation of all extra-curricullar activities last week.

Tagwi was slated to play the rescheduled game versus the Panthers on October 8, but that was called off, and then the school delivered the news that the football team would be shutting down.

Facebook screen capture
Facebook screen capture

League convenor Mitch Zappitelli shared the news via e-mail with other teams in the league: “Unfortunately, Tagwi has dropped out of the league. I will have to look at the schedule tonight and talk to the refs.”

With the loss of Tagwi from the, just one game on the original schedule has not been played. That’s the October 4 contest that was to feature Glengarry and CCVS. The Gaels’ next game was slated to be October 17 versus the Warriors, which obviously won’t be happening. Their game at the Raiders will need to be slotted in sometime. As well, Glengarry is booked to host, at VCI, the St. Joseph’s Panthers on October 24, at noon.

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