CLMSA caps off 2019 season of the beautiful game

The Char-Lan Minor Soccer Association concluded its 2019 season in Williamstown with Super Soccer Sunday, held July 28, as teams battled for division titles and individual players were recognized for top performances. The league is organized by Laurie Bruyere-Tyo, and what follows are the results of the day. Some photos can be found on the CLMSA Facebook page here.

U8 Timbits

1st place Orange
2nd Purple
3rd Kiwi
4th Gold
5th Forest Green
6th California Blue
7th Royal Blue
8th Red
9th Silver
10th Navy Blue

Outstanding Boys: Jake Stadelmann, Hank St. Pierre, Hugo Leger, Ethan Despatie, Peter VanDen Oetelarr, Mac Menard, Logan McNaughton, Silas Goulet, Decklyn Legue, and Jack Proulx.

Outstanding Girls: Sophia Mayer, Mila Kinloch, Mila Martell, Brooke Thompson, Gabrielle Aitken-Poitras, Caerau Pye, Naomi Cornelissen, Adyn Quinn, Leinka Locke, and Isabelle Barkley.

Most Improved Boy: Miller Febrille, Colby MacDonell, Benjamin Phypers, Jack Poitras, Neil Lauzon, Shea Danaher, Lucas Grant, George Hehir, and Rowan Grant.

Most Improved Girl: Lily Cumming, Brooklynn Murray, Raya Morrison, Cadence Rodler, Coralie Glaude, Rowan Denis, Isla Blackadder, Rylee Leger, Lexie Provost, and Isabelle Barkley.

RUDI Award: Derek Stadelmann, Quinn Klazinga, Oliver Marsolais, Katherine Rumke, Myles Leger, Macklin Malyon, Jonah Morin, Jonathan Lapierre, Breanna Jans, and Sawyer McDonell.

U10 Division

1st place TD Wealth Financial Planning
2nd Munro Agromart LTD.
3rd Cornwall Aviation
4th Primeau’s Marine
5th Marathon Converting
6th Dairy Queen South Lancaster

Outstanding Boys: Clark McDonell, Oskar Poirier, Brayden Peach, Ty Martell, Jaden Sanogo, and Wyatt Stadelmann.

Outstanding Girls: MacKenzie Barkley, Lexa Lalonde, Isabelle Seguin, Jade Malyon, Grier Pye, and Adessa Brennan.

Most Improved Boys: Connor Frainetti, Alexis Glaude, Finnan Robertson, Liam Cumming, Ayden Gills, and Reilly Doonan.

Most Improved Girls: Olivia Hehir, Paisley Morin, Victoria St. Clair, Kale McDonell, Caitlyn McDonell, and Sienna Symmington.

RUDI Award: Brady McDonell, Carter Klazinga, Deacon Brown, Addy MacDonell, Pippa Dorie, and Nolan Boucher.

U12 Division

1st place Cornwall Aviation
2nd Munro Agromart LTD
3rd Rozon Insurance
4th Jack’s Pub

Outstanding Boys: Hayden Mader, Nathan Claude, Logan Murphy, and Alastair McRae.

Outstanding Girls: Rebecca Longtin, Claire Poirier, Leah Edwards, and Charlotte Malyon.

Most Improved Girl: Sam Menard, Cody Devries, Aiden Richardson, and Curtis Flipsen.

Most Improved Girls: Maggie Doonan, Grace Vivaries, Hayley Massia, and Olivia Small.

RUDI Award: Kaeden MacDonald, Evie Cockings, Adrian Van de Ligt, and Mark Davies.

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