OFSAA soccer gold for Gaels boys, silver for Rapides girls

What a final day it was for county high school soccer teams at OFSAA, in the Hamilton area, where, today, the GDHS senior boys captured gold, while Le Relais senior girls scored silver. (Cornwall’s la Citadelle beat les Rapides for the second time, also edging them in the EOSSAA final last week.)

Covering soccer and high school sports in general for The Glengarry News has always been one of the highlights of my work as a sports journalist.

As I write this post, I realize that I made an error in a story I ran in the newspaper’s June 5 edition. To correct the record, Le Relais claimed the PRSSAA championship last fall, while la Citadelle won the SDGAA title this spring. The teams are school board rivals, though they play in different athletic associations.

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