Covering the Raisin River Canoe is one of my annual highlights

Each year around this time, the county hosts the Raisin River Canoe Race, and it consistently proves to be one of my favourite events to cover.

The 2017 edition saw a very high water level, which necessitated some changes, including moving the start line 5 km downstream and requiring a portage in Martintown (rather than allowing paddlers the option to shoot the dam).

I took well over 100 photos in Martintown and at MacGillivray’s Bridge (Summerstown Road), but apparently missed the excitement further downstream at the MacIntyre Rapids. Darn it! I hear that rapids took their toll on paddlers and boats alike.

One of our intrepid reporters is writing a story about this and all other happenings at the race, while I will have a number of my photos published in The Glengarry News this week too.

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