One of the most challenging parts of my job is writing about a loss

When your team wins, you are euphoric. When your team loses, it’s disappointing or even devastating.

Imagine this from a reporter’s point-of-view.

In sports coverage, we generally write stories with a slight slant towards the home team, so when the club wins, it’s relatively easy to put together an article that summarizes the highlights, praising all the good points, and adding in a few negatives, if need be.

But what about when the home team loses? Well, generally we stick to “just the facts, m’am” while trying to find some positive elements to focus on, if at all possible. That isn’t always easy, especially in the case of a blowout defeat or extended losing skid. And since we try to promote local squads in our coverage, we don’t want to be overly negative.

In writing stories over my 10-plus years at The Glengarry News, I have always tried to keep in mind that part of the purpose of my articles is to “sell” local teams, sports programs, and athletes to our readers, to stimulate and maintain interest, and to deliver as many facts as space allows. Hopefully readers see that as they take in the sports pages of our community newspaper each week.

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