Journalism (and journalists) need to be supported if the public is to be kept informed

Kevin Cate works in public relations in Florida. Recently he took to his website to stand up for journalists and journalism.

The print and digital editions of newspapers allow us to be briefed like kings and queens for next to nothing. Seriously, you’d have to be a billionaire to afford that on your own.

Newspapers are worth defending.

So, tomorrow, I want you to share on social media why you love and subscribe to your favorite newspapers using #LoveMyNewspaper and tagging your favorite newspapers.

So this got me wondering if people realize what a journalist does, what newspapers do to help readers/viewers to be informed. The old adage “use it or lose it” seems to fit here. That is, if people don’t support journalists and journalism, the reality is that industry will die. Over the past decade or so, we have seen a decline from the “golden age” of the industry, with newspapers small and large shut down, while corporate media barons fire staff at remaining publications.

I’ve all too frequently heard the comment “I get my news from Facebook.” That saddens me. Anyone can post on Facebook, and can post whatever they like. The content is generally not sourced, researched, or verified. In my view, Facebook is great to stay connected with people you know and with community groups to know what’s going on, but as a news source, it’s value is questionable. Ironically, all the big media outlets have a presence on Facebook, posting stories free for anyone to read. How long can they continue to give away journalism for free?

If being an informed citizen on the world matters to you, please support your local newspaper.

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