Putting together sports pages this week from afar

Well, afar sort of, if Toronto counts as afar.

Away at a convention this week, I am taking advantage of technology to complete my writing, editing, and assembly of the content for the sports pages of the Nov. 25 edition of The Glengarry News.

Things have changed significantly over the decade I have worked as sports editor for our community newspaper.  I can recall in my early years receiving most of my content via fax – game sheet after game sheet.  We shared one e-mail address at The News, so from a sports perspective, I didn’t have a dedicated account as I do now.

And thank goodness I have e-mail these days, as that is probably my main point of contact for the bulk of my stories.  League websites have also come a long way too, making information access much more efficient.

But until recently, I had to be in the office to actually write my stories and assemble my pages. Not anymore, thanks to the wonders of VPN.

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